Top 50 Under 40: Ar. Gaurav Kagale's Achievement in 'Architect and Interiors India' (2023)

Join us in celebrating the recognition of our senior architect, Ar. Gaurav Kagale, in 'Architect and Interiors India's' 2023 list of Top 50 Under 40 Architects and Designers. Explore his award-winning designs and groundbreaking contributions.

Insights in Architectural Hardware: Ar. Suhas Nalawade in 'Window and Façade Magazine' (May-June 2023)

Dive into the world of architectural hardware with our principal architect, Suhas Nalawade, as he shares insights in 'Window and Façade Magazine'. Discover his expertise in choosing the right products for architectural excellence.

Celebrating Excellence: Ar. Suhas Nalwade in 'Construction Architecture Update' (2022)

Get insights into the career and achievements of our Principal Architect, Ar. Suhas Nalwade, who was prominently featured in Construction Architecture Update's list of '25 Inventive and Famous Architecture and Interior Designers' (2022).

Aurum House: A Commercial Design Showcase (2018)

Explore our acclaimed commercial design project, Aurum House, featured in ITP Media's Case Study (2018). Dive into the creative process, challenges overcome, and the unique elements that define this architectural gem.

Bhairaav Signature Apartment: A Timeless Design in Society Interiors (2015)

Explore the timeless elegance of Bhairaav Signature Apartment, as showcased in Society Interiors in 2015. Delve into the design philosophy that made this project stand out.

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