Inspiring Connections: Stellar Architects at FOAID 2023

Get inspired by our architects' meaningful interactions and experiences at FOAID 2023, where we fostered connections and exchanged ideas with industry leaders.

Ar. Gaurav's Triumph at iGen 2023 in Bangalore

Celebrate Ar. Gaurav's outstanding achievement at I GEN 2023 in Bangalore, where he earned recognition as one of India's top architects and designers.

Cricket Meets Architecture: Ar. Suhas Shines at Architects Premier League 2022-2023

Experience the excitement as Ar. Suhas Nalawade participates as a player in Team Pioneer Praveedh at Architects Premier League by Tangent Networking Services in 2022-2023, clinching the coveted Man of the Match award.

IDAC's Intelligence Series: Ar. Suhas as Keynote Speaker in Bhubaneswar (2023)

Ar. Suhas Nalawade, as he takes the stage as a keynote speaker at IDAC Bhubaneswar 2023. Discover his enlightening speech on the importance of sustainable construction and architecture in addressing environmental challenges and fostering transformation.

IDAC – Façade & High Rise in Mumbai (2023) : Ar. Suhas as a Speaker

Join Ar. Suhas as he shares his expertise and insights at IDAC's Façade & High Rise event in 2023, contributing to the advancement of architectural knowledge in the realm of façades and high-rise structures.

Celebrating Women in Architecture: Senior Architect Harman at Gujarat Guardian Glass Women's Day 2022

Gain insights from Senior Architect Harman's enlightening panel discussion at Gujarat Guardian Glass Women's Day 2022, where she contributed to empowering women in architecture and design.

STELLAR Projects Shine at IIA 2022 – Rupa Renaissance, Navi Mumbai

Explore the brilliance of our showcased projects at IIA 2022 – Rupa Renaissance in Navi Mumbai, where we demonstrated our commitment to innovative design.

Guiding Excellence: STELLAR Architects as Jury Members at ACETECH 2022

Dive into our role as jury members at ACETECH 2022, where Senior Architects Harman and Gaurav lent their expertise to recognize architectural excellence.

ACETECH X SMEG Panel Discussion 2022: Insights from Senior Ar. Harman Aggarwal

Gain valuable insights from Senior Architect Harman's participation in the insightful panel discussion at ACETECH X SMEG in 2022.

Excellence Recognized: ELDROK India Architecture Awards 2022

Celebrate our recognition for Excellence in Concept & Façade Designs at the ELDROK India Architecture Awards in 2022, showcasing our commitment to innovation.

Eldrok India Architecture Summit 2022: Ar. Suhas Nalawade as an Eminent Speaker

Explore the impactful presentation by Ar. Suhas Nalawade at the Eldrok India Architecture Summit in 2022, where he shared his vision for the future of architecture.

Exploring Façade Insights and Concept Development: Ar. Suhas Nalawade at IDAC, Mumbai (2020)

Explore the world of façade design and concept development with Ar. Suhas Nalawade's insights at IDAC Mumbai in January 2020.

Skin Competition Triumph: Building Façade Design for IT Campus of Bagmane Group (2019)

Witness our triumph as we emerged victorious among 75 entries in the Skin Competition for IT Campus for Bagmane Group, Bangalore - Building Façade Design in 2019.

Participants in International Design Competition: ARCHDAIS (2019)

In 2019, we took part in the prestigious ArchDais International Design Competition, showcasing our commitment to innovation and design excellence.

ACETECH Mumbai: Ar. Suhas Nalawade as a Jury Member (2018 & 2019)

Witness Ar. Suhas Nalawade's expertise as a jury member at ACETECH Mumbai in both 2018 and 2019, shaping the future of architecture and design.

Design Dialogues (2018): Ar. Suhas Nalawade's Eminent Speaking Engagement

Join us in revisiting Ar. Suhas Nalawade's captivating presentation at Design Dialogues 2018, where he shared visionary insights on architecture and design.

Design Dialogues (2017): Ar. Suhas Nalawade as a Distinguished Panelist

Relive the insightful discussions as Ar. Suhas Nalawade took part in Design Dialogues 2017 as a panel member, sharing expertise and ideas with industry peers.

Eminent Speaker: Ar. Suhas Nalawade in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2017)

Explore Ar. Suhas Nalawade's enlightening discourse on Building Envelope Design & Performance at the prestigious event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2017.

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